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The Importance of Knowing your Purpose

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Purpose: What ‘Purpose’ Really Means for Your Life and Why It’s Important to Find Your Purpose

I decided to start my blog off with the subject of purpose for two reasons. The first obvious and major reason is that this blog would never have been created if I hadn’t discovered my purpose. The second reason is that I truly believe that knowing your purpose is a major key to becoming empowered.

Often when people hear the word purpose they usually think of its meaning in a very vague way…or at least I know I used to. Purpose to me simply meant the reason behind doing something or the reason why something was done… and that was it. As I became an adult and actually started working, I began to wonder what it was that I was put on earth to do. I would get hired for different jobs but I never really felt satisfied…there was no true fulfillment in what I was doing.

So purpose for me was no longer about a mere reason why something was done, instead, it had a deeper meaning attached to it and it began to appear to be more about a divine existence.

What is the intent or the reasoning behind your very own existence? If you look and pay close attention to just a few of the other words that are commonly used to describe what the word purpose means, you will notice that most of the descriptions involve taking some type of action.

Like the words motivate, aspire, and design…so purpose is not just solely about what you aim to do or what you intend on achieving– nor it is just simply about the reasons for doing something, instead, your purpose is about the reason you do what you do because of your very own divine existence.

So your purpose in your life involves taking the appropriate action in order to coincide with your divine existence.

So now that you know what purpose really means for your life and what it entails, you should also know why it is important to find your purpose for your life…

Finding your purpose for your life empowers you. It empowers you because you were already equipped with everything you needed to be successful.  A lot of people aren’t aware that they are equipped for success because they are not aware of their purpose for their life.

When you were created there were certain attributes about you that really stood out…there were specific things that you were really good at…maybe it was drawing or writing, or maybe it was building, speaking or planning…or it could have been two or more things that you were great at doing.

The point that I’m trying to make here is that if you aren’t aware of the purpose in your life, you run the risk of missing out on opportunities that align you with your destiny!

I’m going to end this post right here, but before I do, I want to leave by saying that if you’re not happy where you are right now in your life or if you feel that you’re never satisfied with doing the things that occupy your time…that there is no fulfillment in your day-to-day activities–please know this–

It is NEVER too late to seek answers to find your purpose. You have the power in yourself to take action to discover the very reasons for your divine existence. You can become empowered and take charge of your life by finding your life’s purpose and achieving total wellness…it is when you are ready and able to achieve these two things, that you will be able to acquire true fulfillment in your life.

Opportunity comes when preparation and purpose meet (when you become proactive about seeking your purpose for your life and began to take the necessary steps to prepare for new opportunities that align with your purpose, you will have taken the first step in achieving true fulfillment in your life.

I challenge you to start committing some time throughout your day to think about what it is that you’re passionate about…that you absolutely love doing and that you’re also very good at doing…make sure to give it a lot of thought and try to get in the habit of thinking about it every day…once you start doing this, it will become easier to focus on and finally discover.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the information today and that it has inspired you to start searching for your purpose in your life!



2 comments on “The Importance of Knowing your Purpose

  1. Thanks so much Monica 🙂 will do! I am glad to be able to serve you. It is indeed a pleasure! 🙂


  2. Awesome website/ blog spot! I definitely left feeling inspired! Continue to let God’s light shine grime within you!! 🤗.



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