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How Major Setbacks can Help Reveal your True Purpose

Writing has always been my first love and I can remember writing about all of the different things I experienced as a child when I was growing up.

As the years went by I tried to continue writing as much as I could but it always seemed like something would stop me from doing so…something would always prevent me from actually finishing. I would often find myself left with unfinished stories and pages of manuscript scattered from A to Z.

Now let that sink in for a minute. Before I continue, I want you to think about what it was that you loved doing when you were a child…something that was calming to you that just came naturally that you enjoyed doing but never really gave a lot of thought. Now just hold that thought in the back of your mind while you continue to read the rest of this post.

I literally wrote about everything under the sun. I had never shared any of my writing with others…I just wrote about things I experienced and how the experiences made me feel. If I had a bad day, I wrote about it…if I had a good day I wrote about that too…I eventually came to the realization that writing just made me feel better.

Once I graduated from junior college, I wanted to move to Atlanta in hopes of finding a job in the entertainment industry. I had banking experience and received a job offer at a bank located downtown.

In doing so, I had to commute to work each day from Columbus, Georgia. I received another job offer for an internship in Decatur shortly after and eventually moved to Atlanta permanently to work both jobs.

As time went by, I completed my internship and was growing tired of the banking industry…things weren’t going as planned but I wasn’t ready to call it quit either. I received yet another opportunity for an internship in my field and gladly accepted.

While working my second internship, I decided to give my second love (music) a try in hopes of merging the two together in order to enjoy the best of both worlds (songwriting). I took on several other small jobs so I could purchase studio equipment as well as studio time, but nothing seemed to help– I later found myself struggling immensely to make ends meet.

The full story is too long to include in this post, but the most important thing to mention is that I ended up being stuck with an even bigger problem…there I was…I had finally set foot in a major recording studio and was finally working in the entertainment industry, but yet something was still missing.

I recorded so much music that I could have released at least three albums! I would always listen to my music and often thought about submitting it to the company I was interning for, but the real truth of the matter was that I was co-writing and performing songs that I didn’t truly believe in.

Everyone that knew me or that had ever heard my music would always comment on how good it sounded, but I wasn’t so sure about it myself…it wasn’t that I thought my music sounded terrible or anything…it just wasn’t me…it wasn’t exactly the type of music that I wanted to create.

I wanted to create songs that actually resonated with people; I wasn’t concerned about being number one, but instead, I wanted to be that artist that someone could relate to on a more personal level.

I wanted to tell my story through my music and stand out from other female rappers by doing so…I wasn’t thrilled by rapping about the same type of things that other female rappers were rapping about.

The phenomenon was like something I had never experienced before…it was both beautiful and very painful. There is no doubt that I learned a lot and met some incredible people along the way, but I always felt like deep down inside that I was supposed to do more.

I didn’t exactly know what it was that I was supposed to do nor did I know how to go about achieving what it was that I was to do. The only thing I knew was that it involved entertaining and inspiring people.

Years went by, and before I knew it, I was stuck with deadbeat jobs…all those years of writing and making music were useless…or so I thought.

I didn’t release a single album and I didn’t have any of my writing published either…not even a book of poetry to my name–to make matters worse…I was also drowning in debt and divorced.

Initially, I thought that my life was forever ruined and that my dreams would never come true because of the risks that I took in trying to pursue them in the first place.

More years passed and I was finally able to get hired at a law firm…initially, I remember thinking to myself that I was finally going to be able to work on my writing and music more since I was making more money, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. I became so inundated with work that I stopped writing and recording music altogether.

I dreaded going in to work every day because I didn’t like the field that I was in and because I wasn’t able to work on my songwriting. I began to drown in my own self-pity but ironically by doing so, I was also finally able to pick back up the pen and paper and start writing again.

I visited bookstores and read other authors’ works to stay inspired.  Then one day I stumbled across a book entitled The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. You can click here to find out more information…I strongly recommend this book if you are like I was and are struggling with trying to figure out what on earth it is that you were created to do!  [Full Disclosure: As an Amazon affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.] life of purpose

I remember reading just a few pages and not being able to put it down. The information was so intriguing that I went ahead and purchased the book. I read it day in and day out and decided that it was time for me to get back in school. My boyfriend at the time, as well as one of my friends that worked with me, was constantly encouraging me to go back to school to finish, but it wasn’t until after reading the book that I was definitely ready to start!

My employer’s office manager didn’t see any reason for me returning to school and wouldn’t allow me to work part-time to continue my studies so I had to step out on faith and leave my job.

Since that time, the experience has been one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I am finally majoring in the career that I absolutely love and am constantly learning new and exciting things! I even opened my first company (a freelance writing company) before I graduated which was something that I had never even thought about doing!

I did, however, have to temporarily close my company in order to focus back on my studies, but the experience and enjoyment I received from starting it and actually running it was priceless and now I’m finally close to graduation!

My writing and music have always been there, but I just didn’t know what I was supposed to do with it and I also didn’t know that I was supposed to major in communication either. Once I found my purpose and began to work on it, I began to see the world in a whole new way!

The new chapter of my life is still being written…only God knows where I’ll end up next…one thing’s for sure…I know that I’m finally living my purpose!

There’s so much more to this whole story that I’m going to have to publish it in my book, but I wanted you to see how the setbacks in my own life eventually led me to discover my true purpose. I want you to know that the setbacks in your life can lead you to discover your true purpose as well!

What is it that you’ve been struggling with lately? Do you find yourself constantly trying to succeed but keep running into roadblocks?


Nobody’s life is perfect. You may fail thousands of times or veer off in the wrong direction many times before you get to where you are really supposed to be, but that’s what finding your purpose is all about!

You may think that you’re going to do one thing, but later find out that you’re actually going to be doing something else entirely different or that you’re going to do several other things that coincide with what you’re already doing.

You may have failed to notice what your true gifts were because you’ve utilized them for so long that it has now become second nature and you aren’t aware of your full potential…or maybe you are confused about the way to go about utilizing your gifts because you don’t what gifts lie inside of you yet!

Whatever the case may be, I want you to know that it is never too late to try again…to seek the purpose for life…to go for what you REALLY want in life…to find and become that person that you were created to be!

You must remember that you were already equipped with everything you need to be successful and that your purpose in life involves taking the appropriate action in order to coincide with your divine existence!

You were born with a PURPOSE and your destiny was designed specifically for YOU…you were born to be GREAT!


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  1. Love this reminder of purpose. Thanks so much for sharing!


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