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Discovering Your Purpose Empowers You!

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I once remember reading a case study in my psychology class where the topic of discussion was Do Adults Repress Their Childhood. Initially, my argument was that we do not, but after viewing research on the topic, I changed my argument.

I soon came to believe that is was possible for us as adults to experience something traumatic in our childhood and forget about it later only to have remembered it all over again.

In an article by Carri Massau that was published by Valparaiso University in 1996 entitled The Existence of Repressed Memory Syndrome, she explains how initially psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud coined the term repression because he believed that many of his patients had been abused as children and that they eventually developed psychological problems from their repressed memories.

I won’t go all into detail about the article in the post, but if you would like to view it you can view it here.

I bring up this article because I feel that it relates to empowerment and living a life of purpose.

If we as adults repress traumatic events from our childhood then there’s possibly a chance that we might also repress less severe instances of our childhood as well…those instances that may have not necessarily been traumatic, but did leave an impression and eventually affected us later in adulthood.

An example of this would be if you or someone you know was made fun of or bullied in school. The incident might have left negative impressions unconsciously that later caused you or someone you know to doubt one’s self.

Another example would be if you or someone you know grew up stigmatized. The incident could possibly still have the same negative effect.

When you were a child you were already made perfect and you were already created with a purpose for your life. You were also already equipped with gifts to do exactly what it was that you were created to do.

It wasn’t until later after experiencing life that outside experiences caused you to doubt yourself (make sure you’re still following me).

You were born to be different…to stand out…your purpose is not the same as anyone else’s.

There might be similarities in what you and another person were born to do, but there is only one you! 

Once you discover your purpose in life, you are able to get back to loving and accepting YOU…the person you were before the world told you who you should be…the person you were before all of the negative impressions were placed in your mind unconsciously!

The hardships and major setbacks in your life make you stronger. You don’t stop when bad things happen, instead, you learn from it, build from it, and move on…in the end it ALL works in your favor…it strengthens you to help you live out your life’s purpose…look at these types of occurrences in your life as the actual building blocks of your preparation stage…your practice before you actually move into living out the purpose for your life!

Discovering the purpose in your life makes you courageous by forcing you to stand out and overcome your fear in order to live life the way you were meant to live it–purposefully!

It’s time to change your mindset…time to discover your purpose for your life and be the person that you were created to be!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I’ll be posting again sometime early next week to share with you the importance of total wellness for your life and how it ties in with your purpose!



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