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Still Need More Energy? Time to Get Moving!

Engaging in physical activity is not only good for your body’s flexibility, but it’s also required to help keep your heart and brain functioning properly!

We now live in an age where new technology (preferably new media) is prevalent and ever-changing…in the midst of it all, we have allowed it to make us become less active.

A lot of things that we once had to actually leave the house and do can now be done with the push of a button (i.e. online banking, online classes, digital photography, music/video streaming, online vehicle purchasing with Carvana, etc).

We now even have the ability to order almost everything we need online ( i.e. online shopping and online food delivery such as Uber Eats and Grubhub).

New media, in some shape or form, has changed our lives immensely and several industries have also been affected by the new digital landscape.

Other devices such as escalators, elevators, automatic doors, and Amazon’s voice control devices (Echo & Alexa) also impact our daily lives.

Although new technology and new media have in some instances changed our lives for the better, we must not forget to stay active because our very own life and well-being depend on it!

Our own children are even at risk of growing up living inactive lifestyles! Here’s a link to an article from The Guardian that discusses two studies related to the role of technology and how it relates to children being inactive.

Although the article dates back to 2013 and the studies conducted with children were in the UK, it is still very much beneficial today.

The number of U.S. high school students who participated in at least 60 minutes of physical activity on each day of the week before the survey was only a startling 29 percent!

I can recall being very active when I was in high school…times have really changed. There has to be a balance between indulging in screen time and making time for physical activity.

Did you know that there is an epidemic of obesity in America?

Although there are some factors that contribute to overweight and obesity that we have no control over (i.e. genetic factors and hormonal factors),  a lot of our increased weight comes from living a sedentary lifestyle.

According to, nearly 38 percent of adult Americans are obese.

Childhood obesity is also increasing worldwide! Check out this video published by WTNH News8 just six months ago.


The World Health Organization recommends that people 18-64 years old should engage in at least  150 minutes of physical activity per week.

Here’s an article from their website that really helps explains in-depth the importance of engaging in physical activity.

I too, have been working on investing in my own health since I’ve been back in school…especially since my schedule can get pretty hectic at times.

However, I will admit that there are times when I have fallen off of my routine, but the feeling of having more energy and feeling better throughout my day when I do follow my routine motivates me to get back to it!

Here is a list of some tips that I put together that can help you keep track of your daily physical activity as well as the foods and beverages you consume each day.

Tips that can help you track your nutrition and physical activity 

  • Make use of free nutrition apps!  Apps are a great way to help record and track your daily activity regarding the foods you eat, the beverages you drink, and the amount of physical activity you engage in.

I love using the free app My Fitness Pal which is available for iPhone and Android. I’ve been using the app for a few years now and it is very handy!

You can log all of your daily meals and beverages as well as any exercise/physical activity.

You can also add a device or use your phone’s built-in motion processor (on the iPhone…I’m not sure if Android is set up to do this or not) to track how many steps you’ve taken throughout your day.

The app also provides easy nutritious recipes to try. It does a lot more too…I encourage you to download the app for yourself and give it a try…you’ll be eating healthier and engaging in more physical activity before you know it!

My Fitness Pal is not the only app that counts calories and aids in tracking physical activity and nutrition…there are also other apps that do a great job as well, such as MyPlate Calorie Tracker from, Lose It! – Calorie CounterMy Daily Plate ($0.99 to purchase), and many more!

  • Create a weekly Meal Plan

I know sometimes I still prefer doing things the old-fashioned way.

Although I do use My Fitness Pal to log my meals, every now and then I create my own meals for the week by hand with pen and paper and transfer them to the app later.

Creating a meal plan helps keep you from overeating.

It also saves you time while your out shopping at the grocery store.

When I was younger, I remember when my mama we would prepare 2-3 meals over the weekend to save us time during the week which is also a great suggestion for planning your own weekly meals.

  • Set specific times of the day to eat and engage in physical activity

Another way to make sure that you don’t overeat is to set specific times of your day to eat.

This can be fairly easy to do if you have a steady schedule, but if you don’t, setting a specific time to eat is very crucial.

Try your best to eat at least three times a day and try not to schedule the times that you eat too far apart from each other.

You don’t want to wait until you’re super hungry to eat because you will most likely consume too much food too fast which not only makes you overeat but also may cause indigestion.

Make sure to set specific times of your day to engage in physical activity too.

All you need is roughly 20 minutes of physical activity each day (this is the bare minimum).

  • Keep water and some healthy snacks with you throughout your day 

I can’t stress enough how important this last tip is…I had to learn this one the hard way.

Life is very unpredictable so it’s best to always have an adequate supply of water and snacks (preferably healthy snacks) on hand because you never know when you just might need them.

I will never forget when Atlanta, GA experienced the most chaotic ice storm in 2014 that left several people stranded on the highways and unable to get home.

Thankfully, I was able to get home, but it took several hours to do so. I was stranded without food or water and eventually had to leave my car behind and walk the rest of the way home.

There is a ton of information and tips that I want to share with you about nutrition and physical activity, but I will have to share them on future posts.

In the meantime, make sure to take a minute to review what has been covered so that you can make sure that you’re staying on track to living purposefully and healthy!

A Recap on How to Live a Life of Fulfillment and Happiness by Discovering Your Purpose and Achieving Total Wellness in Your Life:

Your purpose in your life involves taking the appropriate action in order to coincide with your divine existence.

Discovering your purpose in your life makes you courageous by forcing you to stand out and overcome your fear in order to live life the way you were meant to live it–purposefully!

In order for you to be able to live a purposeful life and prepare for success, you must first get your health to an optimal level (the best level/state that can be achieved)!

The healthier you are, the more you can get done…the more that you able to get done, the easier it will be to prepare yourself for success!

However, you must first work on changing your mindset! 😉

Change comes by reprogramming your mind.

What are some of your thoughts on the importance of engaging in physical activity and tracking your nutrition? Please feel free to share some tips by leaving a comment.



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