Julia JV HarperJulia (JiVersa) Harper

is an amazing writer, speaker, artist, and student based in Atlanta, Georgia…in short, she is a communication and media enthusiast who loves to inspire others.

She has had the pleasure of working for one of Atlanta’s finest record labels, Grand Hustle Records, as well as for one of its remarkable sounding R&B groups, Jagged Edge.

Julia Harper formerly known as Julia Orange was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia where she discovered her love for poetry at the young age of seven when she would recite famous works by African American poets such as Mother to Son by Langston Hughes and Caged Bird by Maya Angelou that was taught to her by her second grade teacher.

Shortly after discovering her love for poetry, she also discovered that she had a profound love for music. By age eleven, she was writing her own songs and performing with a group that she put together after meeting the multi-talented producer Dallas Austin who was a childhood friend of her cousin.

By the time Julia entered high school, she was performing in her school’s talent shows and other talent shows in her local community…she created the name “JiVersa” (sometimes referred to as simply Ji or JV) after becoming obsessed with songwriting and performing spoken word.

Being a self-starter and someone who was determined to succeed, Julia decided to pursue her career in entertainment by attending Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida where she earned her Associate of Science degree in recording arts.

After graduating and enduring many hardships in her love life and in trying to start her career, Julia began soul searching and had an epiphany where she realized that her purpose in life was much greater than music alone.

Julia realized that her love for music and writing were gifts that actually had a deeper meaning…she realized that every idea that ever entered her mind before she created a poem or song was to be created not only to entertain others but also to inspire them…she realized that her career was not so much about herself, but more so about using her gifts for the greater good.

While experiencing several major life events, God gave her a new direction that has left her with an ambitious and genuine desire to help others become empowered and live a life of fulfillment and total wellness.

With a new direction and mindset under her belt, Julia decided to continue her studies at Kennesaw State University where she will soon receive a bachelor degree in communication with a concentration in media studies.

She plans to use all that she has learned to reach people in a dynamic way by using all of the gifts that God has blessed her with.

Julia (JiVersa) Harper is very passionate about her life’s work; she is an advocate of purposeful living, empowerment, and total wellness…her personal life experiences, both good and bad, is the driving force that continues to ignite her passion to help others succeed. She doesn’t mind being transparent because she accepts the fact that she’s not perfect. She is resilient and confident about her purpose and has personally made it her mission in life to encourage others to become empowered and self-sufficient.

 Her thoughts about life:

“To me, life is what you make it. We don’t choose the hand that we are dealt, but we do have a choice to choose to be happy during the difficult times when trying to stay afloat. I believe that in order to be successful and actually live your purpose, you must first fail…you must endure hard times and experience pain and difficulties because it makes you so much stronger…it’s better to turn your adversities into opportunities.”

“To live life without purpose is like mere words on paper…meaningless…because words have no meaning until meaning is given to them…so find your purpose and you’ll find out what it really feels like